Best Things to Do in Freiburg, Germany

There’s no doubt Southwestern Germany is beautiful; but the city of Freiburg im Breigsau is just a remarkably charming city nestled in the Black Forest. For the past several months I have been lucky enough to live in Freiburg as an au pair. So here are a few of my favorite things to see and do while in Freiburg.

Visit the Freiburg Münster

The Münster is the church in the center of the city. It is the only Gothic church tower in Germany that was completed in the Middle Ages (1330) and has lasted until the present, even surviving the bombing raids of November 1944 (…according to Wikipedia). Anyway, it is a really beautiful sight inside and out! Most days there is also a lovely market around it where you can find fresh baked bread, flowers, vegetables, fruit and traditional German bratwurst.

Freiburg Münster

Hike up to the Schlossberg

From here you can get a great panoramic of the entire city. I would suggest doing this on clear day, but no doubt if you do it on a cloudy day it will be beautiful still! There is even a biergarten there if you want to get a drink and enjoy the view. To get there just head to the Schwabentor tower on the east side of the city and cross the bridge above the road to head up to the top!

View from the Schlossberg

Go in the Markthalle to find delicious food

The Markhalle is a big space in the city center with many food vendors from all over the world! This hall is perfect if you’re with a group and everyone is in the mood for something different. My favorite is Yepa Yepa which is an authentic Mexican style vendor that also has a restaurant in the city.

Wander around the city center

Freiburg has so many interesting and quirky things to see. If you just start wandering around the city center you are surely going to find something interesting. Like the small canals throughout the city, these were used in old times for firefighters to put out fires anywhere.

Hike to the wind turbines

While this one may be for the more adventurer type of person, its an awesome thing to do that will give you a view over the entire region. From Freiburg you can get on a trail and hike up to the four wind turbines. I’ve done this hike several times starting from different places in the city each time. It will take about 2-3 hours to get all the way up and down but it will be totally worth it! Up there you can get a look at how truly big wind turbines are if you have never seen one up close. These ones are already 10 years old! There is also a look out tower that gives you a cool view going all the way up!

Visit the Mundenhof

If you love zoo’s this is for you! I love this place because their animals seem to have more space than a normal zoo and seem to be a bit happier (I hope). They have a wide variety of animals, like the North American Bison or Llamas. On the weekends they open all the food cart areas and you can get a beer, brat, or crepe! This park also has free entrance which is nice. You can get there easily by car or by tram.

Take a walking tour of the city

While this is technically not something I have done since I live here, I would suggest it! Whenever I go anywhere new I typically do a city tour on the first day! I see people all the time in Freiburg doing tours. Who knows maybe one day soon I’ll go just to learn more about where I live!

I would suggest looking here; which is the Freiburg website. They have information on all the different types of tours you can do here! From just a typical guided city tour to solar and environmental tour or even a culinary walking tour!

Go to a SC Freiburg Football (Soccer) game

I really suggest this if it is in season! Germans really love their football and beer so this combines both their loves! Even if you don’t know the language it will be a great time because the atmosphere is always fun! It is a great way to get into the culture and have a great time.

S.C. Freiburg Football Game
S.C. Freiburg Football Game

Go to the Stadtgarten

The Stadtgarten literally translated means city garden. This garden is pretty, and when it is warm always filled with people enjoying the weather and having picnics. If you want to just relax for a little bit and enjoy the weather this is a great place to do it!

A little bit further away are two great attractions, perfect for entertaining children or for fun adults!

Titisee Waterpark- Badeparadies Schwarzwald- Titisee

If you are looking for a relaxing day, or a fun day laughing on waterslides this is your place! There are three areas within the park. First there is the Palm Oasis, which is a great relaxing area with a huge warm pool which also makes its way outside, relaxing jet lounges in the water, heat lamps and swim up bar. From there you can go into the Wellness Oasis or Galaxy area. The Wellness Oasis is for ages 16+ with four different saunas and relaxing areas. Within the Wellness Oasis clothing and bathing suits are not allowed, hence why it is for 16+, just be prepared to pack a bathrobe or rent one from the front desk. The final area, the Galaxy section is the waterpark area. This has tons of water slides, diving boards and a wave pool.

They price each section separately, so if you just want to go into the Palm Oasis area you can, or if you are with children under 16 you can only go into the Galaxy area. Since I went with a large group of friends we chose to go to the Palm Oasis and Galaxy areas, and we had a blast. The park is also making tons of additions at the moment too; which are said to be completed at the end of 2017. The easiest way to get there from Freiburg is by a regional train and walking from the Titisee train station to the park, its about 10-15 minutes walking.


If you will be visiting Southwest Germany anytime between April – November, I highly suggest you visit Europa-Park! While it is a little expensive, it is totally worth it! It is the best theme park in Germany. There are so many activities to do whether you are young or old! There are huge rollercoasters, like Silver Star and Blue Fire (which is my favorite) and there are also water rides, and tons of smaller rides. The theme park is set up by different European countries, which is fun to see all in one day. They even have their own Epcot ball! You can take a bus or a train from Freiburg to get there easily. To read more about why you should visit Europa-Park you can check out my post here.

The Foodloop restaurant

Also, if you do go to Europa-Park you MUST eat at the Foodloop. This is nonnegotiable. I would go back to Europa-Park just to eat here again! Your food, drinks and anything you order on their touch screen devices comes to you in a roller coaster. It is the funnest restaurant I have ever been to!

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! I’d love your feedback!

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