Europe Packing Essentials

Going on a backpacking trip through Europe but not sure what things you may need? Here is my list of essentials I always have when getting ready for a trip to Europe!

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 7.04.25 PM
My REI Co-op Crestrail 65 Women’s Pack
  • Backpack- this might be different for everyone depending on the type of trip. For three months backpacking Europe this was a perfect pack! My pack was 65 Liters (which is how many liters it can fit) and fit more than I needed really. I purchased mine from REI, and while it is no longer for sale by them I would recommend their band. You can go into REI and they will even help fit it to your body, which is really important.
  • Packing Cubes- to be honest this is nonnegotiable. They keep you organized and help limit what you pack. These are the ones I use; I have had them for over three years now and they hold up really well. I love having the three different sizes to help organize my packing. In the small size I put underwear, socks and swimsuits. In the medium goes shorts and pants. And finally in the large goes all of my shirts (which are always rolled). Once you have filled them, thats all you can pack! Many people ask me if they can fit a lot in them, I always let them know I did three months in Europe and two months in Japan with just these! They can really fit a lot if you pack right! Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.12.22 PM.png
  • Sleep Sheet- I love having a sleep sheet when traveling for several months; especially when staying in hostels. Sometimes they can be called travel liners and found in camping sections. Mine is Sea to Summit Premium Blend Silk / Cotton Liner with the pillow insert- This is my favorite because I don’t love sleeping in 100% silk, so the blend is perfect for me and also the pillow insert is nice because you can put the hostel pillow in the insert and not actually have to put your face on their possibly questionable sheets. A sleep sheet just puts a peace of mind when sleeping different places all the time.
  • Locks, Locks & More Locks!- for real though. Cannot have enough. Everyone always says are you sure we need this many? Yes. For sure. Maybe I’m overcautious but then again I have never had anything stolen because I always lock my things up. Mostly the reason to have so many different types is because hostels always have different ways to lock your things up, and you want to make sure you have the lock to fit it. This list may seem like a lot but really they all fit into a sandwich size ziplock. Also, make sure if you’re putting any of these on your luggage through an airport that they are TSA approved (the small key lock, number lock, and flexible lock below all are).
  • Adapter- for travel around Europe you will need to bring an adapter. I would suggest one like this. It can be used in over 150 countries which is super helpful! The great thing about this is the two USB ports on the side that easily allow you to plug in cords. This adapter is perfect for charging phones, cameras, tablets and even laptops. I would not suggest charging (or even bringing) items like hair dryers, straighteners or any small electrical appliances with this as for that you would need a converter.
  • Towels- most hostels do not provide towels; so it is important to bring your own. Since traditional cotton towels can take up so much space in a backpack or suit case I recommend buying a travel towel that is microfiber. These are helpful because they dry quickly, and are very compact.
  • Soap- sometimes you may not have any more clean clothes left and really need to wash a few things in a sink. That is why I recommend this soap; it is compact and they dissolve in water so you can clean a few items. The brand also offers these little sheets for shampoo, shaving, and hand washing which probably are also really useful.
  • Clothes Line-  while I personally have not bought this, a friend of mine brought this on our trip and I was really thankful she did! While it is not a total necessity it can come in handy. Since some hostels and hotels only have washing machines but not a dryer, this can be useful to hang things up to dry.

Hopefully this brought you some clarity on where to start with packing for your adventure! Let me know if you have any questions, think I’m missing something or totally love something I mentioned below 🙂

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