5 Reasons to Visit Europa-Park

Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany, and the second most popular theme park in Europe (after Disneyland Paris). It is located in Rust, Germany near the border of France and about 35 minutes away from the city of Freiburg. It is comparable to a Six Flags amusement park in the United States; and it is awesome! I have been there several times and each time it’s a blast! Below are my favorite reasons to visit Europa-Park!

Europa-Park Map

Europa-Park FoodLoop Restaurant
Europa-Park Foodloop

1. Foodloop- If you go to Europa-Park and only go to the Foodloop, it would be worth it! It is a restaurant where your food comes to your table on a rollercoaster! I honestly have so much fun at this restaurant it is amazing. You begin by ordering food on a touch screen display, then once you’ve ordered your food gets delivered to you through a roller coaster! The food is also reasonably priced and tasty (I always order their spätzle)! The entire restaurant is an experience you definitely cannot find anywhere else!

2. Roller Coasters- Europa-Park definitely has several serious thrill rollercoasters! Bluefire, Silver Star, and Arthur are my favorite (in that order). But in total they have 15 different rollercoasters ranging in different levels of extreme for people of all ages. The lines are never too long and they even have a section for single riders (where you are places whenever they have an empty seat) which can allow you to ride lots of rides in a short amount of time.

Europa-Park Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood

3. Travel through Europe in One Day- In Europa-Park each section of the park dedicated to different countries within Europe. So in one day you can go to Greece, Germany, Iceland, and many more! There is also a special fairy tale land where you can do things like try on Cinderella’s gold slipper or find Little Red Riding Hood. Europa-Park honestly does the best job with decorations, they do everything down to the smallest detail which make the entire park so fun to just walk through! Also, in each country section there is food available from that specific country which is always fun!

4. Fun For the Whole Family- In the park there are so many different types of rides and activities to do! Water rides, rollercoasters, family rides, indoor activities, shows, and interactive rides. You are sure to find different things to do all day no matter the age!

5. Great Value- Entrance to my nearest Six Flags in America is $72.99 for one day, so Europa-Park is already cheaper at €47.00 for an adult ticket. And unlike that Six Flags I did not spend several hours waiting for rides during the day! I’ve gone several times to Europa-Park, even on weekends, and the max I had to wait was 30 minutes for their biggest rides. There is so many different things to do you’ll have a full dat of fun!

Entrance for the summer season is €47.00 for adults and €40.50 for children aged 4-11, and under 4 is free. To get there from Freiburg you can take a car, Flixbus, regional bus, or regional train. Let me know below if you have any questions or what was your favorite part of Europa-Park if you’ve been there already!


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