How to Visit Bangkok’s Unicorn Cafe

The Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand is an experience that will be hard to forget. Your senses will be overloaded with unicorn mania from the second you walk in the door. Would you like to pretend you are a unicorn? Look no further, you can rent a unicorn onesie and dress up as a unicorn for your cafe visit! Even if you don’t love unicorns, this cafe is an experience that will make you smile and leave you with a sugar high.

I visited Bangkok, Thailand’s Unicorn Cafe in July 2019 with my boyfriend and a fellow (male) traveler. I was truly surprised by their willingness to visit the Unicorn Cafe, and even enjoy the sights and food offered! We had a great time laughing and having a rainbow colored sugar overload. It was a great way to spend a couple hours escaping the heat of Bangkok!

Unicorn Cafe service counter

Where is the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok?

The exact address is: 44/1 Soi Sathon 8, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand.

The Unicorn Cafe is located in Bangkok’s Silom neighborhood. From there you could easily visit Lumphini Park or the famous Sky Bar. There is also a great night market in the area with delicious street food for dinner.

Unicorn Cafe from the outside
Unicorn Cafe from the outside

How do I get to the Unicorn Cafe?

To get to the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, you can take the bus, metro, or a taxi/Grab. When traveling, I always put in my desired location into Google Maps and see which public transportation option is the fastest.

The most expensive, yet most direct and fastest way to get to Bangkok’s Unicorn Cafe, is to take a taxi or Grab. From your hotel/hostel you can easily take a taxi outside or order a Grab on your phone (Grab is the Uber of Thailand). Grab is not too expensive in Bangkok. A 25 minute ride across the city should only cost about $4 USD.

You can also take the metro to the Unicorn Cafe. You need to take the BTS Silom Line to the station called Chong Nonsi. From there it is only a 5 minute walk to the Unicorn Cafe. The metro price is based on how many stops you ride, but you should be able to get there from your hotel/hostel for less than $2 USD.

The cheapest way is by taking the bus. Buses run all over Bangkok and might take the longest, but you cannot beat the less than $.30 fare! Buses 15, 76, 77, 113, 115, 162, 172, 177, 504, 514, 544, 547 all have bus stops within a 10 minute walk of the Unicorn Cafe.

What food do they offer at the Unicorn Cafe?

Our table at the Unicorn Cafe

At the Unicorn Cafe, it is only natural that they serve rainbow colored everything! With sugar, sugar, and more sugar! It was so delicious. I got a slice of the rainbow cake, my boyfriend got the rainbow waffle (which comes with 3 scoops of rainbow ice cream too!), and our friend got the brownie with a rainbow soda. They also offer rainbow macarons, cupcakes, cotton candy, hot chocolate, and french fries with rainbow cheese. The Unicorn Cafe also offers many themed items like unicorn coffee mugs, pens, stickers, and My Little Ponies.

Is it expensive at the Unicorn Cafe?

Surprisingly, the Unicorn Cafe was not insanely expensive. We are backpackers and each managed to find something in our price range to enjoy. The only challenge was choosing what to order! I had a slice of the rainbow cake for 120 Thai Baht (about $3.92 USD) and my boyfriend got the Rainbow waffle for 200 Thai Baht (about $6.54 USD). In the end we spent about $10 USD for a memorable time at a unique cafe.

Is the Unicorn Cafe worth the hype?

Every single inch of the Unicorn Cafe is covered in pink, rainbow, and glitter- I mean even the light switches and ceiling. If you are absolutely in love with unicorns, this place is a must! Even if you’re like me and not obsessed with unicorns, I’m sure you will still have a great time enjoying how much effort this place has put into the Unicorn experience.

If you decide to visit the Unicorn Cafe, let me know how you thought it was! Safe travels. 🙂

My boyfriend and I at the Unicorn Cafe
My boyfriend and I at the Unicorn Cafe

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