About Me


Hello! My name is Tarrah, I am a 20-something traveler from the United States. I have always had a love for traveling, but a few years ago it became an addiction when I first traveled outside of the US. Now, my travel history includes backpacking through Europe, interning, au pairing in Germany and being an English camp counselor in Japan. Currently, I am on a year long trip around the world with my boyfriend Luke. During this year we will be visiting 5 continents and over 20 countries!

Almost every week, I have an old friend, relative or old school mate reach out to me and ask me for travel advice. Normally, they always say I’m so sorry to bother you but whats the best way to book a flight to Europe, or are hostels scary? My response always starts the same, “don’t feel bad, I love talking about travel!” Then I go on to give a detailed response to their question! I could truly talk about traveling forever! So this space will be used to share my favorite spots, foods and travel tips that I normally share with my family and friends! Hope you enjoy!