How to Visit Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon Water Park

Just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand lies a unique water park called Grand Canyon Water Park. It is not your traditional water park. It is an old limestone quarry that has been filled with water. The water park offers a floating aqua park, kayaking, ziplining, floating trampolines, wakeboarding and much more!


Visiting an Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand, you will be tempted to visit an elephant sanctuary. There are advertisements and fliers posted all over for them, and, elephants are awesome, so why not book a tour and meet some? In recent years, it seems as though more and more "elephant sanctuaries" are popping up looking to make some money off the tourists who want to interact with elephants for the day. Not all elephant sanctuaries are created equally. But it is important to do some research before selecting the right sanctuary. In this post I will explain how to choose a reputable elephant sanctuary, the costs, tour options, where they get their elephants from and our experience with the elephant sanctuary we choose in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Best Bank for Travelers

For years I traveled internationally with the bank account that I grew up with, just a standard national US bank. While traveling internationally I would get locked out of my account countless times and have to spend forever on hold trying to get access to my account again. The bank account had crazy high bank fees for trying to withdrawal money internationally and did not even reimburse me for the ATM fee. I was spending a ton of money to just have access to my money abroad. While I was planning my most recent, big international trip, I decided I had enough of trying to deal with the nonsense and switched to Charles Schwab. This is hands-down the best bank there is for travelers.

How to Snorkel with Sea Turtles in Oahu on a Budget

A vacation to Hawaii can be expensive. While on a year-long trip around the world, we spent a week in Oahu, Hawaii where we did not want to miss out on great activities because of our small budget. You can read how we managed that on our full 7 budget friendly days itinerary for Oahu …

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